I start to doubt that I will get to visit La Cigale French Market before I fly back this summer. In spite of thorough planning on Friday night, I somehow lack that extra determination to walk to Parnell on a Saturday morning, weeks after weeks.

The dreaded examination period is right around the corner again and I can’t believe that twelve weeks have gone by in a flash. Consequently, my stress level shoots out of the roof while my mood plunges to the bottom of Pacific Ocean. A terrible combination I must admit because I am pretty much a walking grenade now. To clear my head and take advantage of the lovely spring weather this year, I decided to head down to Britomart to hunt for some delicious foods.

There is only one person who could ever make you happy and that person is you.

Yum Yum!
Yum Yum!

Besides good chats with Mom and Noona, eating is my other stress remedy. Despite knowing that I need to watch my diet, I bought ‘Hottie’ from Velvet Burger, HEHE. It was huge and oh boy, the hot sauce was much hotter than I expected. Since having a burger as my lunch has pretty much turned today as a cheat day, I went all out to get Lemon Meringue tart from Milse. It was as good as the first tart I had in 2013. Milse is definitely still topping my favourite dessert places list and it is the epitome of the café I have always envisioned in my mind. While on most Saturday I try to be caffeine free, I got myself a large cup of flat white from Chuffed! It’s one of my favourite places to get a cup of flat white; I really love their in-house blend. Plus the milk foams were so fine you could barely detect their presence. Well, according to my coffee-expert cousin, that’s a good cup of coffee.

My Saturday is made! <3
My Saturday is made! ❤

And look what came in my mailbox! I have started to get annoyed with Apple as they promise to deliver my order by 14th of October 2015. I have been waiting for the e-mail from the reception, but it never comes that I started to wonder whether someone else has accidentally picked it up. To my surprise, I found it sitting inside my mailbox on Beach road despite Apple insistence of not delivering it to my PO Box. Well, doesn’t matter now. I finally got it and that means I can start purchasing Line stickers and cute themes! HAHAHA.

That aside, this Wednesday marked an end of another era. Firstly, I had my last laboratory session as an undergraduate. It was a nutrition lab and I spent three hours designing meal plans for a 2 years old baby. One thing I am absolutely certain after that lab is the fact that I am not meant to be a nutritionist or a dietician. Majoring in Food Science has proven to be a wise decision on my part. I definitely do better at designing food products. Secondly, it was SOFAD’s AGM. I have officially stepped down from being a secretary, no more room bookings and no more meeting minutes to edit and distribute! While I am partially glad that I don’t have to deal with room bookings and apologies anymore this year, I had mixed feelings. I suddenly feel really old.

SOFAD Executive Committee 2014/15 & 2015/16. Obviously the past exco members were much more enthusiastic about taking this picture, LOL..
SOFAD Executive Committee 2014/15 & 2015/16. Obviously the past EXCO members were much more enthusiastic about taking this picture, LOL..

Off to finish 304 report now, adios!


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