Inner Thoughts

22 of 2022

Mental health is non-negotiable and of utmost importance Trust your intuition – if your gut feel tells you to run, you better dash Prioritise yourself Blindly believing in the potential of others is dangerous. Be selective – some people are lost causes, let them be. It’s never your responsibility to save them Be present. The…… Continue reading 22 of 2022


Inner Thoughts

Sleepless Night

시간은 벌써 저녁을 지나 고요하게 세상은 눈감아 나 혼자만 널 향한 불면증 파란색 외투속에 구겨놓은 편지 끝내는 못전할 내 마음의 진실 외로운 내 빈방 혼자서 고백하는 슬픈 오늘밤 (Sleepless Night) Yet I’ll remain forever silent. It’s too late and what difference will it make, really? I wish I can say I am okay but I…… Continue reading Sleepless Night