Summer, Autumn & Winter

It is indeed a funny yet wonderful coincidence that my on going and upcoming adventure in Palmerston North matches exactly the order of publication of my favorite tetralogy by Ilana Tan. Her adventure in the fascinating literature world started with Summer in Seoul, followed by Autumn in Paris then Winter in Tokyo. While I don’t…… Continue reading Summer, Autumn & Winter



Monday’s Musing

人生中的遗憾, 如影随形,一直存在。 它存在记忆里, 存在你的身体里, 存在你每天的生活里。 但遗憾, 从来不会因为逃避, 不会因为忘记而消失。 让我们好好活下去的方法就是去面对遗憾, 扭转它,打败它。 坦然以对, 让遗憾不再是遗憾。 -唐家妮