Two Fishermen

A girl came upon a fisherman at the water’s edge and watched as he cast his net into the wide, open sea. On closer inspection, she noticed how all the knots that usually held a net together were unknotted. “Why do you throw a knotless net into the water?” she asked. “I want to catch…… Continue reading Two Fishermen


Inner Thoughts · Memoirs


温度是一种很奇妙的感觉, 特别是在冬天,特别是在孤独,没有人陪伴的節日。刚刚好的温暖,虽然很简单,却足以让你觉得很久。 Perhaps it is true that only chance has the ability to speak to us; its unforeseen touch and its lingering, profound effects. It was indeed unexpected but in no way was it uncomfortable. It might have been a simple gesture, but isn’t it the case that the simplest things in life leave the…… Continue reading 温度