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Massey-ing Around

Carless in Palmy + Waitangi Day meant:
1. Majority of the stores in the city centre were closed (wait, maybe ALL)
2. No buses running
3. You essentially had nowhere to go, HAHA

But it was such a beautiful day to be wasted inside my apartment so Kathy and I decided to explore the ground of Palmy campus of Massey University. Having spent three years in a city campus, I was ecstatic because this was how I imagined campus should look like – secluded from the hustle and bustle of the city with loads of greeneries!

Main Courtyard. Look at how magnificent the trees look!
Campus Entrance

My fascination towards photography started following my symposium in Sydney two years prior and my photography aesthetic has been greatly influenced by Wongfu Production, particularly by Wes’ works – heavily dominated by cooler hues, interesting angles and perspective, highly cinematic yet slightly whimsical. Armed with my trusty iPhone 6, I took the chance to flex my (almost non-existent) photography skill, HAHA.

It was still the summer holiday so the campus was practically empty except for the few students who were staying over for summer classes. We headed to the library cause it was the only area we could access without a student card. It is definitely smaller than AU general library though both of their design are equally outdated compared to SG National Library (my favourite!)


Neither Kathy nor I were looking for any material to read so we just strolled inside the library aimlessly till we encountered the historical section where there are volumes of old newspaper compilation. These volumes are gigantic in size! We were tempted to remove one from the shelf to look through but they look rather vulnerable so we scrapped off the idea. Plus I wasn’t very keen on the smell and honestly, that entire aisle crept me out a bit.


Midway I started noticing that there are a lot of oddly oversized books laying around including this National Atlas of Japan. It took a combined effort to flip through its pages – definitely not the most convenient book to read!


Soon enough the smell of old books became overpowering (the AC wasn’t turned on completely) so we headed to check out the rest of the campus ground. Massey is definitely much much greener compared to my AU campus and we came across these towering pine trees. They are so gigantic that even Kathy (who is much much taller than me) looked tiny in comparison!


However, it is the flight of stairs next to the trees that caught my attention and my heart. It offers an eye-catching composition for moodier photos (I refer to them as Wes-like photos) and the stairs led to….


….. this nook surrounded by vibrant blossoms! It’s definitely my favourite spot of the day – just look at how pretty it is! In reality, the nook is tiny so we had to position ourselves well enough to avoid the pathway and the directory sign pillar. All for composition and the gram! HAHA


We stopped by the humanities building for a few photos because I like the exterior of the building. The campus isn’t that huge as it is not Massey’s main campus but they have a lake next to the science department. One of AU’s campus is located by the sea but all my classes were in the city campus so I never had the chance to head there.


Truth be told, there wasn’t anything spectacular about the lake but I guess it must have been a pretty popular spot for the students to hang out after their classes. Had we packed lunch, Kathy and I might even eat there. Since we didn’t, we ended walking to the city centre for KFC. I regretted that decision for the sunburnt but then again, KFC is always worth it, HAHA.


Till then, adios!


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