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NZ 2015 Highlights

This post is long time coming. It has been sitting inside my draft for almost five years. I have wanted to do it ever since but couldn’t find enough motivation and reason to keep going. So thank you, for giving me the extra nudge to concretise my idea ❤

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Auckland Food Show 2015

Initially the heartbreak felt like the end of my world but it was also through it that I realised I have so many other amazing people around me. I would have never experienced Auckland Food Show if it’s not for them and while my shoulder hurt so much at the end of the day after all the unplanned ‘shopping’, my heart was full and I am forever grateful for it ❤

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SOFAD – a family,  a legacy

This was taken at our AGM (Annual General Meeting) when we passed on the legacy of SOFAD. Being a committee of a student organisation came with its own set of challenges – mine was trying to find a meeting time that would fit everyone schedule! But on and all, it was a rewarding experience indeed!

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Mr Beanie

We spent so much time together up to a point where we knew each other’s preferred meal menu. All the weekends we spent together drafting our pitch, writing our weekly progress report, designing Mr Beanie’s packaging with our limited photoshop capabilities, figuring out our presentation deck, practicing our speeches and this was our last meal together before I headed down to Palmerston North.

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Isabel ❤

Given that medical school is in Grafton while school of chemical sciences is in City Campus, we rarely had the chance to meet up during academic calendar but we made sure we see each other at least once within a semester. It was never a dull moment with her and each catch up session never felt long enough. This was our last boba together in Auckland before – you guessed it – Fonterra. Can’t wait for our boba date in Singapore!

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Christmas in Palmerston North

Moving to a new city was quite daunting – unfamiliar places, unfamiliar faces, but because of them, the experience became much more enjoyable ❤


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