Daily · Inner Thoughts

24 May’17

Fourteen days after the promised date, I finally received my laptop! That excites me so much cause I am once again able to exchange correspondences from an e-mail account that doesn’t end with either yahoo.com or gmail.com after my time in Fonterra ended.

Trying to board the bus was pure madness; the bus terminal turned into a sea of people and I was drowning in it. Given my height and being right smacked in the middle of sweaty masses for ninety minutes was nowhere near fun, especiallyin Jakarta’s extremely hot and humid weather.

I was ranting about the whole experiences to DAT who I was meeting for dinner but my rant  was cut short when I found out there was a bombing at another bus terminal not too far away from where I was. It then hit me that I am lucky to be alive! The bombing could have happened at the bus terminal I was at. And if the bomb had exploded there, I would have died right then. There was absolutely no chance of escaping given the size of the crowd.


My legs were so sore and all I wanted to do was to jump straight to bed but my tummy demanded to be filled so off we went to grab the fish and chips deal. Instead of the seafood platter, which DAT chose, I opted for their in-house signature fish and chips. It was nothing extraordinary but it was good value for the amount I paid. I only wished that they had squeezed lemon juice all over the fish fillet prior to frying but I’d take what I got. I am pretty proud of myself being a non-fuzzy eater. Life is complicated enough on its own.

The original plan of calling the day earlier failed miserably as I ended up catching up with DAT by the swimming pool till the clock struck twelve. By then, my poor brain couldn’t handle nor process any more information so we exchanged our goodbye and it was time for me to catch my much needed beauty sleep.

Till then. Adios!


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