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May 25

HAPPY BIRTHDAY my dearest Sheryl!
I am glad I didn’t follow through my original plan of transferring to Anderson JC cause otherwise I wouldn’t have the privilege of meeting and calling you my friend.
PS. Happy Birthday to you too Shawn! Isn’t T11 lovely? Less than thirty of us in total yet we have two people sharing the same birthday!

I felt my phone vibrated as I glimpsed at my watch.
“Damn, I won’t make it on time.”
The screen of my phone lit up again. I knew in an instant who sent it over and what the content of the message was.
“Coming. Walking as fast as I can now,” I replied.
I could feel my heart started pounding and my left knee aching yet I ignored them as I forced myself to walk at a faster rate towards the elevator…..

All happened because I remembered the Ascension Day mass timing wrongly; apparently, the mass started at 10 AM instead of the usual 11 AM. Fortunately, I decided to head there earlier hoping to grab breakfast prior so I only missed the first five minutes of the mass. Learnt my lesson though, always double-check the mass timing, just in case.

Several things I’ve discovered on my first visit to Coco Ichibanya:

  • Thumbs up: It tasted good. Thumbs down: It’s rather pricey for just curry.
  • Their omelette is love. Fluffy and moist, exactly the way I like it.
  • Unless you are really craving for beef, you are better off ordering something else. There were only four or five beef cubes which were overcooked and they were really tough. What a bummer.
  • Adding mushrooms is always a good idea.

After lunch, we went on to watch the latest instalment of Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Grand Indonesia’s CGV sure looks impressive, especially for first timer like myself. I applaud the designer of the place cause both the decor and ambience of the place are on point. The movie theatre itself didn’t disappoint either, I enjoyed the wide-screen and the excellent sound system, definitely worth the price of the ticket! As for the movie, Captain Jack Sparrow is still the sassiest, ultra fabulous pirate he has always been and it was nice seeing familiar faces again.


Since AH and I both love to eat, there was no better way to end the day than having really cute desserts at Nomz. While AH spent considerable time by the dessert bar scrutinising each and every option available, I made up my mind the moment I laid my eyes on the black forest eclair. Surely enough, our conversation didn’t stray away from food, we ended up discussing cheeses and by the end of our conversation, I have made up my mind that in this lifetime, I will never try casu marzu ever. Throw me a million dollar, I will still not touch it. I don’t like larvae in general so the idea of having larvae in my food is a big ‘no, thank you.’

Till then. Adios! Xx


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