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Palmy (MIS)Adventure II

Okay, the order of my palmy (mis)adventure posts is completely reversed but doesn’t matter cause at the end of the day, they all happened anyway.

Don’t be thrifty. Get that plastic bag and pay 5 cents extra rather than having BBQ sauce dripping down your thigh. 

Juggling a full time job and having to take care of all house keeping matter is no easy feat and I will have to salute every working woman out there, especially my Mom for making it look so effortless. I am not a good cook who has the tendency to over complicate whatever dish I am trying to make (that’s a terrible combo I can promise you). Considering that I will only stay in Palmy for 3 4 months initially, I have decided to cut down on the number of condiments, sauces and spices I own. So essentially my pantry only consists of cooking oil, salt, white pepper, garlic powder, chili flakes, soy sauce and sugar. This makes marinating anything to be very challenging indeed.

So when Pak and Save offered a massive deal on BBQ sauce marinated chicken pieces, I though that’s the answer to my problem. One less dish to wash and definitely better tasting protein on my plate! On a side note, Pak and Save doesn’t give you free plastic bag unlike Countdown; you either have to bring your own plastic bag or shopping bag otherwise you will have to purchase it from them at 5 cents each. I had my shopping bag so I thought why should I spend additional 5 cents on a plastic bag and how.horribly.wrong.I.was.

I didn’t know what punctured a hole into the meat packaging but as I was walking home, I had BBQ sauce slowly dripping down my thigh. It was a 40 minute walk and along the way, I smelled more and more like a marinated chicken myself. Thank God I was walking on the on the right side of the road so my right thigh was not exposed, otherwise I couldn’t imagine all the strange stares I will be getting from people around me. Horror!


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