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Palmy (MIS)Adventure III

Jennet Liaw
Original work by Jennet Liaw


In my case, try buttoning your cardigan before you walk out of your apartment or the changing room.

Either it’s selfie, photo or a real-life situation, all embarrassing moments are pretty much the same. Your cheeks turn tomato red and you’re silently hoping for an appearance of a giant hole in front of you so you can immediately jump in and avoid having to face the world. In my case, embarrassment sticks to the back of my brain like a piece of bubble gum. I am pretty sure that I remember my embarrassing moments better than anyone else who witnessed it.

I don’t know what’s with Palmy and myself but there seems to be a steadily growing accumulation of unfortunate events. Well, I didn’t hurt myself this time round, unlike the showering incident but this’ so much more embarrassing.

I was trying to shop for Chinese New Year so I stopped by Dotti when I was in town. A few items managed to attract my attention so I thought what’s the harm in trying them on. It so happened that I was wearing my navy blue cardigan and the lighting of the fitting room was pretty dim so when the clothes didn’t flatter my body shape, I put on my clothes back and walked out of the fitting room without a second look in the mirror.

That was a big mistake.

Apparently I had worn my cardigan inside out and I only noticed that when I was 50m away from the front door of my apartment. It wouldn’t matter much if I had my hair down but I styled it in a ponytail so for the past two hours my cardigan label was on full display for everyone to see.

Partially, I was glad that this incident happened in Palmy where the number of people who know me is less than fifty which means the probability of meeting an acquaintance is less than 1%.

But still, that was embarrassing. Plus, guess where I sat on the bus.

Yeap, front row and all the Japanese students on the bus could view my back clearly without any obstruction.


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