March/April Playlist

It is only April and it may be too early for me to make this bold claim but I don’t think there will be any other drama which will top my love for Descendants of The SunAt least this year. 


No, no. It is definitely not flawless, especially when it comes to the plot. Some of the events in the drama defied logic, in some scenes the background music was too loud (ie. overwhelming) and product placement was pretty outrageous in some of the episodes.

But that aside, the story is refreshing. It breaks away from all Korean drama cliché which is definitely a welcome change! In fact, I have become so sick of the same old K-drama cliche that I venture into Chinese drama and watched a considerable amount of shows set during the Japanese occupational period in China. Back to the point, the cinematography of DotS blew my mind away and the editing wasn’t choppy at all because the production team has the time to actually edit the clips properly. But most importantly, it achieved the unimaginable for me. I tend to love most of the OSTs of the dramas I have watched but I have never loved them all.

But when it comes to DotS, I fervently love every single track and well, it doesn’t take much to guess what’s continuously on replay for the past two months.

I may or may not have learnt a bit of Korean after all that karaoke sessions in my room.

Always – Yoon Mi Rae

Everytime – Chen & Punch

This Love – Davichi

You Are My Everything – Gummy

Once Again – Mad Clown & Kim Na Young

Talk Love – K.Will

With You – Lyn

By My Side – SG Wannabe

Wind Beneath Your Wings – M.C The Max

How Can I Love You – Junsu


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