Inner Thoughts

25 on 25

25 things I discovered and learnt while being 25

  1. Action speaks louder than words – but silence is an action on its own
    You always say that action speaks louder than words but it is in your silence that I found my answer. The fact that you spoke up for others but kept your silence when it comes to me, despite knowing exactly what was going on.
  2. Contrary to popular belief, traveling to China is not cheap
    At least not Shanghai – thank God for credit cards!
  3. No city on earth is perfect – you just need to know what are your priorities in life
    I left Singapore because I found it too stressful yet I left Palmerston North because it was too quiet for my liking. There will always be pros and cons to every city on earth but once you are clear on what are important to you, you’ll be able to overlook a city’s flaws and have a fulfilling life there.
  4. Karaoke is fun even when you can’t sing
    Because butchering songs is where the fun is at!
  5. Empathy – understated yet powerful
    The ability to lead through influence, rather than authority, is the most important quality of a great leader – without an empathetic trait, it is very hard to influence others to fight for your vision.
  6. Thai massage isn’t my cup of tea
    No, I didn’t wake up feeling lighter and I think I had enough of bone cracking for this lifetime. Thank you, next?
  7. First impression isn’t always right
    Reserve your judgement cause more often than not, there is more than it meets the eyes. I thought you were cold and reserved but you turn out to be one of the very best people I have met in my career. You’ve become an inspiration and how I aspire to achieve what you have accomplished thus far.
  8. Matching projects are tough, but matching cocoa-based anything is even worst
    UL – enough said. What a bitter aftertaste it leaves me with.
  9. You may need ten thousand hours to refine your skills but you need to get your basics right first
    Say what you may, but what is there to perfect when there is never a chance to master the basic skills to begin with?
  10. Everyone makes mistake but we can choose to forgive, forget and/or start over
    Everyone needs a proper closure and forgiveness allows people to move on peacefully. Some things are worth starting over, some things are best left in the past – whatever that decision may be, it’s solely yours to make.
  11. You can’t please everyone so make the decision that you can live with
    I knew very well what was to come when I posted that photo. You have made your choice and I have made up my mind. It’s a pity that we end up where we are now, but I had to make a choice that I can keep up with in the long run.
  12. Don’t rule out a possibility too early, life may surprise you
    Look at the two of us – you said you’ll never leave New Zealand for Singapore and I said I’ll never move to Jakarta and here we are!
  13. No one can guess how far a simple ‘hello’ may bring you
    Hello, how are you?
  14. You need to fight for what you want
    You may not get what you want even when you fight for it, but you will never get it if you never try
  15. People may undermine your effort and hard work but that shouldn’t stop you from trying your best
    Put in the effort for you own growth not validation from others. Your self worth shouldn’t be dependent on others’ acknowledgment.
  16. He may be who you want but not who you need in life
    I have laid my eyes on you since October 2015 but I finally decided to let you go that day. You will always be one of my dearest ❤
  17. Appreciate the ‘now’
    Cause now is the only time you have, not yesterday, not the future – tomorrow is never guaranteed.
  18. Expatriate life is fun – no wonder everyone wants it
    Hell yes! Especially to a country with better standards of living. My offer letter, where you at?
  19. Make mistakes when you can still afford to do so – they may be the best teacher
    Cause mistakes are usually painful, thus you are less likely to forget the lessons learnt
  20. Be genuine – people aren’t stupid even if you think they are
    Never underestimate the power of instinct and intuition
  21. Excel is powerful – master it
    =if (A>B, “..”, “….”, …….) Wait, what?
  22. Stand up comedy – why didn’t I discover you earlier?
    My cheeks hurt from laughing that night – what an experience it was!
  23. People may forget what you said but they will never forget how you made them feel
    Be careful of your words – they leave scars that may never heal.
  24. Learning opportunities are everywhere – if you pay attention to them
    It was through keen observation and attentive listening that I learnt most of the things I now know about sauces and frozen desserts.
  25. Basic survival skill in Chinese-speaking countries – know your food items in Chinese!
    这个, 那个 didn’t work out that well in Shanghai!



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