Creative Exposition

봄날,벚꽃 그리고 너

The day could not have been more perfect. Spring has always been challenging for its unpredictable weather; gloomy sky, spring showers and muddy ground. Yet today was impeccable.

The checkered picnic mat was laid underneath rows of blossoming cherry trees with their picnic basket opened on the side. She lay down gleefully and watched the sun rays peaking through the petals as they swayed gently along with spring’s breeze. The melody of the burbling stream nearby filled the air, only to be interrupted intermittently by the carefree laughter of the children playing few yards down. She pulled out her favourite DSLR from her bag and started to rapidly take pictures of her surrounding, immortalizing the very moment.

“Hanami in Auckland, not in Japan,” she couldn’t help but chuckled as she scrolled through the pictures she was taking. Laying her camera down, she looked up at the blue sky above and asked quietly “are you happy there?”

With her eyes closed, she could envision him perfectly; lying down next to her. Dressed in his old trusty navy blue zip up sweater and his favourite pair of denim, he casually threw his hands behind his head, his legs crossed. He had removed his black snap back and placed it on top of his face, covering majority of his facial features except for that faint smile that had been plastered on his lips the moment he lay down on the mat. There he was, truly in his element. She knew exactly that he would have chuckled along upon hearing her comment and he wouldn’t have been able to stop himself from whispering a cheeky ‘I told you so’ while caressing her hair lovingly.

If only ‘it’ never happened…‘ she sighed.

He was gone; too fast, too sudden. She has never understood his fascination with racing. The excitement, the adrenaline rush, the pride are all elusive to her. All she can see is the inherent danger but nothing can ever stop him. When the call came, her world came crashing down; time stood still and everything turned black. Deep down she has always known that a day like this might come but that didn’t lessen the emotional impact when she saw his lifeless body for the first time.

March 2013,

‘See you in ten at Britomart?’
‘On my way.’

It was an uncharacteristically cold day in city of sails. In spite of summer coming to an end, the temperature should only start dropping at the end of April, not in the middle of March. She had to tug her summer coat tighter to keep warm against the howling wind and wrapped her fingers around her cup of hot cocoa. Nestled in the posh suburb of Parnell is Chocolate Boutique, which has been lauded as the mother ship of chocolate shop-come-cafe in Auckland along with its iconic red phone booth. All the indoor seats were taken so they found themselves sitting at the corner table on the terrace.

‘I am flying off to Japan in two weeks time.’
‘Tokyo for the first few days then yes Kyoto for hanami with the folks.’
‘Hanami, the cherry blossom festival. Grandma makes it a tradition for the family to gather every year in Japan.’ 

He pulled out his phone and started showing several photos from his gallery.

‘Can you bring me along? It’s so pretty. I have only been there in winter. Yet I failed to experience snow cause it came two days too late.’

He burst out laughing in response.

‘Sure you can skip your compulsory lab sessions?’ he asked teasingly.

She pouted playfully. The end of his lips started to curl up and he edged his hand towards hers ever so slightly. Feeling his fingertips brushing against the back of her hand, she slowly unfurled her fingers and let his slipped under hers until she could feel the heat of his palm pressed against her own. The warmth was comforting.

‘You don’t have to be in Japan to see cherry blossom, my dear. You will see one here later on this year.’
Here? In Auckland?’
‘Yeap. Wait till October comes around, I’ll show you.’

봄날,벚꽃 그리고


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