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Having spent the Holy Week in Jakarta this year, we finally managed to squeeze a little bit of time out of Sis’ super tight schedule and voila, the short meet-up/lunch/photo session at Ottoman.

Out of numerous cafe in the area, we chose Ottoman because Sis has been raving about their menu, we only had around 2 hours before having to head to the church and Ottoman is located relatively close to the church. Talking about time maximization and risk mitigation (of being stuck in traffic jam and not being able to make it to the church on time for Easter Vigil).

I am not addicted to coffee. We’re just in a committed relationship.

Instead of the food, I am naturally more attracted to check out their coffee. Ottoman claims to redefine our experience of caffeine intake with their famous in-house blend called the Bone Breaker and on top of it, one of their baristas has just being crowned as the champion in Indonesia Brewers’ Cup 2017, so expectation was high on my part. I ordered a flat white, surprise surprise, and what a pleasant surprise it was. It was probably the best coffee I have had since I flew back home eight months ago. Of all the coffee I have tried here, they were all too acidic to my liking so to finally find a cup of flat white that tasted quite similar to what I normally have in New Zealand felt like I have finally hit the jackpot. Food wise, Sis got a fried french toast while I settled with a cheesy dutch baby pancake. Visually, Sis’ french toast looked so much more attractive compared to my pancake but since I have never liked fried bread with tonnes of breadcrumb, I’ll have to say my pancake tasted a lot better (although the cheese became overpowering towards the end).

If only Sis’ schedule is more forgiving, I would have planned for another coffee outing (most likely in South Jakarta) by the time I am back in town next week. But oh well, we’ll see how it goes given my own erratic schedule.



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