Inner Thoughts

Election 2016


“When they go low, we go high”

“When they go low, we go high” The message rang loud and clear. After witnessing the progress that the United States of America has achieved lately, especially on same-gender marriage, I was expecting that majority of Americans would have seen the true nature of Donald Trump and voted for Hillary Clinton instead.

I am not American but I am utterly disappointed and devastated over the result of the election. I am undoubtedly heartbroken to see that one of the greatest nations or in fact the most powerful country on planet earth is still so fundamentally racist and sexist. So much so that they decided to elect someone who is not only unqualified but more importantly so morally flawed; a misogynist, a racist, a bigot and a serial liar who churns out one lie over another, someone who is so explosively and vocally spreading hatred and perpetually insulting women, veterans, POC, and immigrants. It is truly sickening.

As a woman, it is so saddening to come to the realization that we are still living in an era where women are still deemed inferior to men. It was supposed to be a historic moment; a celebration that a nation as great as America has finally risen against the prejudice and broken that glass ceiling. Unfortunately, that moment never came. It is such a shame that the irrational fear of having a female leader has driven one of the most terrifying and dangerous creatures on earth to power. It is an absolute nightmare, not only for America but for the entire world.

Oh America, how I wish you had chosen differently.

Emotional Van Jones


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