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Here Without You


Here Without You – Three Doors Down

Oh, how much I love Good Hang by Nathan and John! What a shame that I had to stop listening to them last August cause my access to it was blocked whenever I use the Uni wifi, which was essentially every day, 24/7 (Uni provides the Wifi on my accommodation too) BLEH. What a bummer!

So when I waited for my ACV compress to dry, I decided to listen to them! On this episode, they decided to play a game called “Is it Creed, Nickelback or 3 Doors Down?!” and the title immediately attracted my attention. Essentially, Nathan had to guess the title and the singer of the songs whose lyrics will be sung by John (who is pretty terrible at singing while Nathan is a singer, LOL). I am not familiar with any of these bands (yeah, I am not cool enough, haha) so naturally I didn’t know any of the songs that John has carefully ‘curated’ for Nathan. But the table turned once they have reached the third last song, my brain immediately recognized the lyrics and the tone, even when John was not singing it at the right note. I couldn’t tell who sing it or what the title is yet it felt extremely familiar. Daughtry came to mind almost spontaneously but given that the band is either one of the three, I knew I was wrong. It simply can’t be Daughtry.

And of course, I was supposed to sleep once my ACV compress dried but here I am, an hour afterward, fully awake with a brain which is even more active than before because my curiosity has taken over my neurons and chased the drowsiness away. I do know that 3 Doors Down sings it and it’s called Here Without You but holy moly, where on earth did I listen to that song before? Given that I didn’t even know a band called 3 Doors Down existed prior to listening to this podcast, there is only one possibility that makes more sense; the song must have been in a movie or a show I have recently watched. AND, the movie/show must be pretty terrific for a song within it to be subconsciously so deeply ingrained inside my brain (lately, my brain is completely taken over by Descendants of The Sun *guilty as charged* and the thoughts of how nice it will be to throw my shoes at…. okay, never mind)

So the question remains, which movie or show is that? Holy Moly, how am I supposed to find the answer? 😱


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