Inner Thoughts


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We are just two individuals, looking from two separate vantage points.

I had questions; loads of them.
But on closer inspection, you’ll see that they are just a series of different paraphrases for one single question.

“What does this mean?”

Of course, I wanted an answer.
I am not the most patient person in the world and one of the things I hate the most is loose ends; where questions are left unanswered.

In the quest of finding the ultimate answer, I played along.
But soon my patience faded.
I wouldn’t say I lost interest but I am tired of playing this game.
I am not one who is willing to play a zero sum game.

You confused me.
At times it felt like you were actually curious; you wanted to know more.
Occasionally you made my heart fluttered; I could feel butterflies flapping their wings.
But then you were cold, icy cold.
Do you know what happen when someone is consistently exposed to extreme heat and cold?
They fall sick.

We were standing on two different cliffs; separated by a river.
Our priorities differ.
And if there’s one thing I’ve learnt from my past failures in relationship;
Feeling inside your heart doesn’t conquer all.

So when the long-awaited answer came knocking on my door, I was glad.
Disappointed? Yes, but it wasn’t overwhelming.
I was largely glad.
Glad that this won’t drag on any longer.
Glad that I can quit this game knowing the result.
Glad that I won’t be wasting more time and effort on something that doesn’t have a chance to begin with.

And for that, thank you.



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