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When Deng asked whether I would like to join them for lunch at Orleans for the deal after the movie (which we initially supposed to watch), I knew in an instant what he meant.

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Orleans buttermilk fried chicken waffles with chipotle maple glaze and crispy sage ❤

And after hearing my friends raved about Orlean’s buttermilk chicken waffles over and over again during 304 laboratory sessions, how could I say no? Assuming that my visit to Orleans would be ‘safer’ with the presence of guys, I didn’t find any reason to reject his invitation and so I went.

Orleans oh Orleans, a place full of memory.

I doubt I will ever forget what happened during my first visit to Orleans with Sheryl. It was supposed to be an enjoyable and unforgettable night. Dinner at Orleans was supposed to be the pleasant start to a ladies night out. We were supposed to head to St Tyler’s Garage for cocktails afterward. But after the series of events that unfolded in Orleans, we ended up sipping out bubble tea while ‘hiding’ inside Hulu Cat.

We reached Orleans by around 7 PM and that place was packed with people, as expected. Despite the crowd, we were lucky enough to get a table immediately, it’s a table for four near the wall closest to the window, not too far from the stage where musicians were performing live. We were in great spirit, that was Sheryl’s second day in Auckland and we have spent the morning exploring the city. We placed our order promptly having decided on what to have back in my apartment.

Two businessmen were seated right behind us, both should be at their mid-thirties or the early forties. I swear they were slightly intoxicated and for whatever reason, they suddenly came to join us on the table and started chatting with us. Obviously, Sheryl and I freaked out! I have never been approached by random (older) men in any restaurant before so I didn’t know what to do but considering that they weren’t doing anything improper, I decided to keep up with their small talk. I found out that one of them is called George and he used to work in Auckland but he was transferred to Melbourne and he’s in town for a business meeting and decided to have a dinner with his old colleague called James if memory serves me right (pardon my memory, this happened in 2014, way before this blog even exists). Truthfully I didn’t care about his work life, I might have been smiling throughout the whole ordeal but I was actually secretly devising a plan inside my brain on how to get rid of them. I knew that Sheryl was getting very uncomfortable and I felt extremely guilty for suggesting Orleans in the first place.

The food came not long after and thank Lord that drove the men back to their own table but the mood was ruined. I decided to cancel the plan to visit St Tyler Garage that night and we couldn’t even enjoy our meal properly. We ate in silence while trying to finish our flank steak as soon as possible. The steak was good though it was such a shame we couldn’t devour it. My mind told me that George would probably offer to buy us drinks and true enough he did. He even asked for our numbers but I brushed his request aside and left hastily. We were scared that we were being followed and that explained how we ended up in Hulu Cat for an hour before making our way back to my apartment.

Sheryl and I got the shock of our lives that night, George and his friend definitely freaked us out and you can’t really blame us can you? In retrospect, it is probably wiser for us to have lunch instead of dinner in Orleans but looking back, we won’t have it any other way. What an adventure it was and hey! Perhaps we were not as potato as we originally thought! HAHA!


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