Inner Thoughts

Japan in Me

I ain’t Shizuka, Yume, Fuka, Hiyori, Ayane, Keiko, Sakura, or Hana…

Neither is my surname Sato, Watanabe, Tanaka, Yamamoto, Yamada nor Nakamura…


That doesn’t seem to stop anyone from guessing that I am Japanese, for the past seven years no less!

It all started on a Saturday morning back in January 2009 (oh my, I feel so old typing this now, haha) when the percussion sectional leader came up to me and questioned whether I am Japanese. Obviously, I didn’t give much thought to his question since I was assuming that was just an attempt to start a light-hearted conversation. After all, I was a newbie to the Chinese orchestra family.

However, ever since I moved to New Zealand, the nationality-guessing game is up to a whole new level (considering that approximately every alternate person may very well be an international student, LOL) and I kept on getting Japanese. In fact, Japan tends to appear within the first five guesses along with China, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan. On a certain occasion, Indonesia will be mentioned when they have run out of other Asian countries. What I find most ironic is the fact that Indonesia is the largest South East Asian countries but people here seem to remember the smaller countries. Talking about an elephant in the room, HAHA!

Truthfully, it puzzles me as to why people keep on thinking that I am Japanese. I personally do not think that I look a tiny bit Japanese at all, even Mommy thinks that my eyes are a tad too big for their standard. Yet, some people actually pointed out that my eyes are the main reason for them to guess Japanese in the first place. Life is peculiar indeed.

But of course, I will have the give the ‘Most epic answer award’ to Lundi who replied “That’s the side effect of reading too many Japanese novels.” Oh lord Lundi, if that is how it works, I would have Eurasian features by now given the amount of historical romance novels I read, LOL.

Nonetheless (everthemore), here’s a photo taken with Yuka during our cruise excursion for U21! Fun times and I do sincerely miss her!

Yuka 1.jpg
U21 with Yuka (who is 100% Japanese!)





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