Two Fishermen

A girl came upon a fisherman at the water’s edge and watched as he cast his net into the wide, open sea. On closer inspection, she noticed how all the knots that usually held a net together were unknotted.

“Why do you throw a knotless net into the water?” she asked.

“I want to catch all fish in the ocean,” he replied. “But there are none I wish to keep.”

She walked on a little further and came across another fisherman, holding a simple line. She studied him quietly as he reeled his catch in, before returning it to the water. After he repeated this several times, the girl asked him, “Why do you catch them just to throw them back?”

“There is only one fish I want to catch and so, no other holds my interest.”

Lullabies, Lang Leav

What type of fisherman are you?


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