Inner Thoughts


Ideal world: The contract stated: Forty-hour work per week; 8 hours a day from Monday to Friday (the weekend should be 100% free from any work-related activities or documents).

Reality:  Spent almost 45 hours each week  in the office  for the past three weeks and still had to complete some work during the weekend at home otherwise experiments couldn’t be carried out properly on Monday!

Ideal world: There are three breaks each day, morning tea break from 10 to 10.15 AM, lunch break from 12 to 1 PM and afternoon tea break from 3 to 3.15 PM. 

Reality: Up till this point, attendance at both morning and afternoon tea is less than 10%. Also, lunch needed to be taken outside the allocated timing due to either scheduled meeting or the nature of the experiments.

Ideal worldGet back home by 5.25PM then head out for a run along the river for 45 minutes. 

Reality: Coming home by 6 PM is considered good enough. Also, my legs won’t be able to cope with 45 minutes jog after standing for almost 8 hours straight.

Ideal world:  Cooking dinner every day after the run and pack the leftover for lunch the next day.

Reality:  Forget dinner, all I want after a long day at work is to jump straight into my bed and call it a day.

Ideal world: On Saturday, I will wake up by 7 AM in the morning after getting 10-hour slumber then go for a morning walk/jog. After which, I will come back, have a nice cup of tea, cook myself a nice breakfast, shower, change and head to the city to explore the stores, buy grocery and spend Saturday evening relaxing. 

Reality:  Opened my eyes ever  so slightly, tilted my body to the right, reached out for my phone, press the home button, check the timing (which typically reads 8 AM), turned away and continue sleeping. My bed and I need to spend quality bonding time together.

Ideal world:  Heading to the office with light makeup every day to look fresh and well-rested. 

Reality: Moisturizer and sunblock, that’s all. My glorious eyebags are on full display every day, lol…


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