Hello November

November. For the past two years, I eagerly waited for the arrival of November. It marks the start of festivities. It draws an end to another hectic yet fulfilling academic year. It means going home. It means seeing Mommy, Daddy, Noona, Wawa and Zuzu (and everyone else at Jakarta).

It used to symbolize that I finally get to see you again, to do a full panda hug with you, to hold your hands. Not anymore this year. But that’s life I reckon, it brings forward changes and in the process some people ought to leave to make room for new ones to come. You are just one the people who had to go this year.

Before this post digresses too much, here are some of the songs which have been on duty to keep me entertain (or accompany me down memory lane) throughout the month of October.

(Apple Music has spoilt me too much in the past three months that  I find myself being so annoyed by Spotify’s ads and the inability to shuffle the songs in my playlist whenever I am on my phone. Ugh, I miss you Apple Music)

“我的爱查无此人无法投递。怎舍得看我被痛一再侵袭。你已不在,却能宣判。等待的无期徒刑。 我们全都习惯了轻易放弃。明明挣扎却又故作镇定。擦身而过,我才清醒。失去是会让人痛到上瘾。“




”你不在,当我最需要爱 你却不在。无尽等待像独白的难捱。你不在,高兴还是悲哀你却不在。我受了伤再偷偷好起来但你不在。 那些摇摆我都明白,都明白。但你不在,爱已不在, 不在。。。你不在,当我就需要爱你却不在。一个人分饰两角的恋爱。“


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