50 shades of introversion?

Oh, Buzzfeed. What do you know about me?

If fifty different shades of grey exist, maybe there are at least fifty different shades of introversion as well.

At least I got two! While the result of Buzzfeed’s quiz may not be the most reliable source ever, it was still a good fun reading it!

“You are mostly a social introvert and as a social introvert, you genuinely prefer to spend time on your own or in smaller groups of close friends. Social introverts don’t sit at home wishing they had the confidence to go out, they really prefer to hang out with their book on a Saturday night than be in a crowded bar. You tend to prefer chilled out holidays where you can live by your own schedule and get in some quality quiet time. If you go out to a party, you will need to recharge your energy levels by spending time along afterwards even if you enjoyed yourself (guilty as charged)”


“You are also a thinking introvert. As a thinking introvert, you are introspective and spend a lot of time in your own head. You have a rich inner life, pay attention to your feelings and often think about what kind of person you are. Some tests that measure introversion and extraversion might have a trouble placing you or even tell you, you are an extrovert instead of an introvert. But you are just a different kind of introvert to the one most people are used to. For one thing, thinking introverts don not necessarily have the same aversion to social events that other kinds of introverts do, although some of them do.”

While I was typing this, an interesting idea came to mind. If people who do not know me are presented with the latest 20 Instagram posts of mine, what kind of perception will they have of me?


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