That fleeting moment when your skin brushed against mine…

Drained and exhausted, I let my mind wandered as I aimlessly ran my fingers through my hair, watching people passing by and traffic slowly building up. Others were busy chatting but I wasn’t paying much attention. I only thought of how nice it would be to submerge myself in the thermal pool, my sore muscles were begging for it.

As I tilted my head ever so slightly towards the right, you came into my field of vision. I couldn’t be certain that it was you; I wasn’t wearing my spectacles so there was a possibility that my mind was playing a trick on me after all. But soon enough I got the confirmation I wanted, it was you indeed.

A series of events unfolded rapidly afterward, I couldn’t even remember exactly what happened. Somewhere along the way, hello-s were exchanged, farewell was uttered, hands were raised, we waved. Then it happened.

The moment. Time stood still.

It was brief yet I dare bet a beat was skipped.


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