Dear Jervois,

Friday. I love Friday. In fact, it has taken over Saturday’s position as my most favourite day of the week. And no, it’s not because I do not have any laboratory session or lecture every Friday. In fact, I do have a lecture that starts at 5 PM almost every Friday.

Friday draws a close to my hectic schedule. It allows me to look back and muses over the tasks I have managed to complete and accomplish within a short span of five days. It is always satisfying to know that regardless of how crazy my week might have looked on a Sunday night, I have managed to go through it just fine. But most importantly, Friday has become an exploration day for me, especially in the last couple of weeks.

Sure, I have been in Auckland for almost three years now, but you will be surprised to know how little I know about the city besides the city area where I have lived for the past two and a half years. Even Parnell, which is only a hill away from my current apartment doesn’t get much love from me. But Friday is special because it is typically the day when the foodsci squad decides to visit and explore new hip cafes around town, especially the industrial-themed cafes serving hearty, healthy, vegetarian meals.

We decided to visit Dear Jervois in Herne Bay two weeks ago and seriously, the name of the cafe misleads me into thinking that it is a quaint French cafe serving up fancy French cuisine. In fact, I misheard Dear Jervois as Dizengoff in the laboratory and I even had to Google to check. In reality, Dear Jervois is owned by a Korean chef, HAHA, who injects a tiny bit of his Korean heritage into the menu (not that I am complaining).

The exterior of the cafe didn’t leave much impression on me initially; it looks like another typical shop around New Zealand, wooden door and wooden panels surrounding the glass windows.  However, the moment I stepped inside, I know that this place is special. It was a Friday afternoon yet this place was bustling with people and that is generally a good indication of the quality of a cafe here in New Zealand.

Most of the options in the menu are vegetarian-friendly and they also serve dairy and gluten-free options. They are plenty of options to choose from, but not to the extent that the sheer amount of options available overwhelm you. They were six of us and five of us decided to try a different item on the menu. As weird as this may sound to you, I actually opted for Matcha pancake for lunch. HAHA, I have a major sweet tooth and I am more than happy to have ‘dessert’ as main.

Their presentation skills blew my mind away. All the dishes looked absolutely breath-taking, mine included.

The dish that tastes as amazing as it looks.
Be Good Vegan – The dish that tastes as amazing as it looks.
The majestic beef burger. Can't comment on the taste of the burger itself but the fries were amazing!
The majestic beef burger. Can’t comment on the taste of the burger itself but the fries were amazing!
Mine! It looked like something that came out of Masterchef kitchen, won't you agree?
Mine! It looked like something that came out of Masterchef kitchen, won’t you agree?

I didn’t manage to get any photos of Doraline’s and Annie’s dish. Doraline ordered egg benedict with salmon if I am not mistaken while Annie ordered the chicken salad.  Everyone seemed to be really satisfied with their order except for me.

Perhaps, I was expecting too much about the waffles and partially, it was my mistake for not reading the description carefully. People do speak highly of the waffles so I did expect something extraordinary. It turned out to be gluten-free waffles which meant that they were a tad drier and tougher compared to regular waffles I have plus they were a bit too crumbly for my liking. The biggest disappointment of the dish was the fact that I couldn’t even taste any matcha in it! And they call it Matcha Waffle. Really Dear Jervois? But that being said, the beautiful plating consoled me a little and aside from the waffles, the dish did have very interesting texture. Oh! The coconut sorbet was delicious! I actually liked it more than the waffles, HAHA…

I will definitely come back to Dear Jervois again some time in the future. There are a lot of other interesting dishes I am excited to try and I can’t wait to bring Mom, Noona and Kuku here.


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