Proceed with caution if you are hungry, consider yourself warned…

After spending the first two years of my University life in large lecture halls, the third year has finally condensed all the food science students together in a class which is not much larger than my JC class. We are basically a bunch of enthusiastic foodies and thus, the birth of ‘foodscisquad’.

The foodscisquad takes food seriously and obviously our favourite activities after laboratory sessions involve trying out cafes around town especially those which are publicly raved in Zomato, Denizen, Metro Eats, etc.

So on the first Monday of the mid-semester break, we decided to head down to Ceremony at Grafton. Even torrential downpour couldn’t deter us from getting on the bus and walked towards the café, that’s how much we wanted to try their famous ‘sandwiches’. Chloe also told me that they serve really good coffee so that heightened my interest in the café even more.

It is a relatively small café and they don’t offer extensive menu to choose from; four types of sandwiches in total, two salad options, and sweet toast options if you are more inclined to opt for the sweet instead of the savoury ones. It was lunch time and I was starving so I opted for a sandwich. The hardest part in deciding what to order is the lack of photos so I had no idea how the sandwich will come out to be but I narrowed down the options into either smoked bacon sandwich or a pork and fennel sausage sandwich. Chloe, Kellie and I finally settled on pork and fennel sausage sandwich, mainly because it comes with a sriracha mayo while Jenny and Janice both opted for the smoked bacon one. Chloe the suggested that Jenny and I should trade half of our sandwich so that each one of us gets to try both flavours and that’s exactly what we did! I also ordered a cup of flat white, I wouldn’t miss a chance to get my hands on a cup of good coffee (this is what Australia did to me).

I love pleasant surprises and the guys in Ceremony surely delivered! What they call sandwiches looked nothing like the typical sandwiches sold in campus; their sandwiches are essentially hamburgers, LOL. And oh my, the burgers look glorious!

Look at that egg yolk! YUM!


The bun had a nice golden crust but the crumb was extremely soft, it was so heavenly. I think they used brioche bun, but I am not 100% sure either. Despite studying Food Science, we don’t actually learn how to differentiate bread, HAHA. Overall, I enjoyed both of the pork and fennel as well as the smoked bacon sandwiches. They had slightly different flavour profile and I have a slight preference towards the pork and fennel one, mostly due to the perfect egg with runny yolk and the less prominent greasy aftertaste.

While I am extremely satisfied with the sandwiches, sadly I can’t say the same for my flat white. When you placed such high expectation on something, disappointment stung even more. Oh well…

Only if it tastes as good as it looks…

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