The mountains are calling, I must go..

…….and pick up the uppermost laboratory book on top of my book pile (my personal ‘mountain’) because the deadline is chasing after me. LOL.

I sent Sheryl an article about ’32 things you should do in Bandung’ and casually asked “Another mountain to be conquered?” Some of the activities listed includes trekking and well, I wouldn’t expect less really, Bandung is surrounded by mountains so nothing is too surprising there.   So naturally, the next question was directed to me “Have you climbed any mountains in New Zealand?”

Sadly I have to admit. No, I have not. Neither will I have the opportunity to do so this semester. I can barely have the time to sit down and browse the internet leisurely, let alone conquer a mountain. On top of it, I am pretty sure I am currently not fit enough to do any trekking so the plan will have to be postponed yet again until I am physically fit for it and most importantly, have the free time to do it.

Wait for me Angel’s Landing. I will be there one day, I promise ❤


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