2014 – Looking Back

“Seven AM waking up in the morning.
Gotta be fresh, gotta go downstairs,
…Cause it’s Friday, Friday,
Gotta get down on Friday…”

I still remember the collective shriek of disapproval and annoyance when FSV played this song on a Friday morning before assembly, HAHA.  Oh my, how the years have flown by. Since I am feeling quite nostalgic this morning, let me share what happened after my shortest intercontinental trip last year.

Amanda Being Amanda

‘The first thing Amanda did after waking up from an unintentionally long slumber due to extreme exhaustion from her most hectic and energy-draining 72 hours of 2014 may surprise you…

Waking up at 7 AM on Tuesday, 14th of October 2014, Amanda didn’t pick up her pen and frantically started on her lab report which was due at 1 PM later that afternoon. Instead, she calmly booted her beloved VAIO, keyed in her password, went to Google Chrome, and type ‘Next Generation Auckland’…

Yup! Despite the impending deadline, Amanda cared more about securing a spot on her favourite Zumba class that afternoon. She needed a good fat-burning Zumba class after binge eating over the weekend. Oh wait, did she? Amanda thinks she didn’t binge eat but Daddy insisted otherwise and Amanda would let it slide this time. Who has the time for argument regarding ‘binge-eating’ anyway?

And so Amanda attended her Zumba class, which was superb. She was slightly upset when she didn’t see Shawn on top of the podium. Instead, there was another Asian looking dude with very toned arms and abs *cough cough* whose name happened to be Eman. Of course, Amanda thought Eman is a lady all this time. After twenty minutes, it became apparent that Amanda shouldn’t have doubted Eman’s ability in teaching Zumba cause she lost her breath after the second song. YES, SECOND SONG.

In a nutshell, the session ended and Amanda felt incredibly good afterwards. She happily hopped down the stairs, walking proudly into the changing room and started texting  everyone about her red dress, HAHAHA. She then took a shower, get dressed, dried her hair and went back home. 

It wasn’t until Amanda started unpacking her gym bag that she realized her teddy bear towel (the super cute one with four Edwards printed on it) wasn’t in it. And that realization got her to start running back to the gym. Two reasons: the gym was closing soon and her teddy towel has a white background which resembled the gym’s towels very much. Obviously, she didn’t want her towel to be mixed in the same pile and so she ran. 

Ultimately, the towel was rescued but she ended up twice as hungry afterward. 


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