Danke Schön

It’s a quarter past five in the morning. I am supposed to be sleeping now, but it seems necessary to post this entry before I succumbed to exhaustion and drowsiness.

I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude tonight and no words are apt enough to describe my feelings. There were numerous things that I failed to recognize, cherish and appreciate in the past few years. Hectic schedule and the comfort of being the centre of attention of a particular individual has gotten the better of me that at some point I ceased to pay adequate attention to these groups of people who have always had a dear place in my heart.

Therefore, I would like to dedicate this post to this special group of people. If you happen to come across this post, this is for you. Thank you for not giving up on our friendship despite the lack of proper catching up. Thank you for putting aside some of your time to meet up with me. Thank you for staying up through the night to listen to my stories despite having a long day at work. Apology for not always being there for you in the past few years. Thank you for your kindness and hospitality, I sincerely appreciate it.

And cheers to many more years of friendship! I love you all, Xx.


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