Once A Week..

I was brushing my teeth whole heartedly, so whole heartedly that I hit my lower gingiva with the head of my toothbrush; a head on collision with maximum force. My lower gum is swollen now and I have barely spoken today. My lower jaw has been throbbing the entire day and it is more than enough to put myself in a faulty mood for the past ten hours.

We have finally gotten the chance to continue our conversation again. Obviously the conversation ended pre-maturely again, not that I am surprised. But then at least that brief chat last week wasn’t our first and last conversation. Moreover, we seem to establish a new pattern of communication; we will only talk once a week, every weekend. We can work with that. Every friendship starts that way, doesn’t it?

Your question though. Our furry friend discussion escalated quickly, I definitely didn’t expect your answer. However, it was your follow up question that took me by surprise? “Why” you asked. Oh come on, haha, if you can read what is on my mind you wouldn’t have to ask.

Have a good weekend everyone!


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