Little Mermaid

It’s been a week and everyday since then I have been pondering on how to continue our conversation. Unfortunately, seven days afterwards, I still can’t figure out a natural way to keep our convo going. Oh well.

Let’s talk about one of my favourite Disney story ever, “The Little Mermaid”. I have always thought that Ariel is one of the prettiest Disney princesses ever with her shiny big eyes and fiery red hair. I have red hair too now, HAHA, I may or may not be subconsciously inspired by Ariel. On the other hand, we have Prince Eric and his pearly whites. While almost all of the Disney Princes look very similar to one another, haha, Prince Eric looks good on little mermaid film I watched. You could probably tell how much I love Little Mermaid that I even named my crab plush Sebastian. Of course, there is an added layer on the whole Little Mermaid story now, HAHA, but that shall remains as an insider joke in!

Obviously, I watched the film when I was really young and back then, I took the film at its face value. The whole premise of the story lies on how willing Ariel is in giving up her voice (the thing that she treasures most) in favour of a happily ever after with Prince Eric. Everything works out well in the end for Ariel because first, it’s a Disney story after all and I couldn’t think of any Disney story which doesn’t end with happily ever after. Second, it happened that Prince Eric is in love with Ariel too so there’s no reason why the two of them can’t be together.

Reality is more complicated than that unfortunately. I have been told that for relationship to last in real life, we can’t keep on expecting the other party to continuously make sacrifices and compromises for us. Instead of take and take, relationship is essentially give and take. I had been fortunate enough to have a relationship with a guy who was so willing to give up his planned future for me. I was and in fact still am flattered by his decision despite in the end, we still decided to split cordially.

The bigger question remains though. How much should I compromise and sacrifice for my future life partner? We only live once and most opportunity only presents itself once. How would I know that I won’t regret the decision of forgoing something in the name of love?


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