June Favourites..

Well, it seems that monthly favourite is here to stay after all. Before diving straight into the things which kept me thoroughly entertained for the past 30 days, half a year has passed. Oh Lord, that means I am turning 23 in 6 months with only a semester left in University (This is terribly scary, Oh Gosh!)

Roughly half a year ago, I made up my mind to forgo Master of Business Administration (MBA) in favour of Master of Bioscience Enterprise. Yet as of June 2015, I made the decision to pause my academic pursuit after my Bachelor’s degree and get right into the working world. Aspiration changes and I need to make the necessary adjustment. There is a high likelihood that I will go back to University some time in the future for my Master’s degree, but the exact timeline and the exact specialisation remain undecided as of now.

Okay, let’s move on to June Favourites!


Never consider myself a fan of Taylor Swift but it all changes after 1989. I still remembered Sheryl and I were in my Carlaw’s room talking about how ‘Shake It Off’ doesn’t scream T-Swift and I didn’t even find the song catchy at all. Then came  ‘Blank Space’ together with its over the top music video and I was hooked. I actually sang this song over and over again in the middle of Givaudan’s kitchen, in my own room, in my sister’s hostel, basically everywhere. Then that obsession was transferred to ‘Style’ after Mimi’s posted her drawing of James Dean and T-Swift, ‘Out Of The Woods’, ‘Bad Blood’, and ‘I Wish You Were’.

I think it’s safe to say that I am one of the many who gets really frustrated over T-Swift decision to pull all of her music out of Spotify. Of course I don’t understand exactly how Spotify pays all the artists but I am sure they are paid each time their music is played on Spotify. T-Swift argues that Spotify doesn’t pay her enough and this is the part that irks me most because T-Swift is extremely wealthy and her decision sort of highlights her greed over more fame and money. There are numerous artists who put up their work on Spotify and are not as wealthy or as successful as Taylor yet they don’t sue Spotify for paying them too little or pull out all their songs entirely. Sure, there may be a bigger and more holistic reasoning behind her decision but whatever it is, it doesn’t get deliver very well cause all I am getting is the impression that Taylor Swift is just hungry over more money.

Alright, enough of the digression. Regardless of how I feel about Taylor’s decision, I love 1989. It was on repeat when I was flying back from Middle Earth to Singapore and I have been listening to Kurt’s and Sam’s cover of 1989 on Youtube. Basically, 1989 is American Beauty/American Psycho for me in June.

Tame Impala – Mind Mischief

Okay, if you know me personally you will know that I don’t gravitate towards this genre or remixes in general. But, this ducktail remix is so dope! Jenn Im from Clothes Encounter seriously has amazing taste in music although I can’t say I love all of her choices.


It was a really tough call to choose my favourite drama last month. I picked Murphy’s Law of Love because Jia Wei-Xiao Tong’s romance was on its peak and they are just so cute and adorable together! I have butterflies in my stomach and all I want is my own personal Jia Wei! He’s so resolute in his decision even after knowing the truth about his ex-girlfriend and his unwavering feeling is so commendable! How often do we find a main male lead who doesn’t go back to his old lover because of guilt?

So this month, let me present the runner up of last month’s favourite and June’s favourite drama –> Mask! It’s so dark, so twisted and the conflicts are so exaggerated yet these qualities make the show so appealing and addictive! Weird but true. I convinced my sister to watch this show, she agreed to give this show a go and she finished all twelve episodes in two days. It’s that addictive and you can barely stop yourself from marathoning episode through episode once you have started. She isn’t too happy about having to wait for the next eight episodes yet on the other hand I am so glad that I have a partner to share my excitement about this show. Sorry Sis. Also, this show is so beautifully filmed, the cinematography is breathtaking and as a highly visual person, I highly appreciate well made drama like Mask.

In A Blue Moon

Oh, I have been waiting for this one for ages! Ilana Tan sets the bar so high for Indonesian novels that I can’t bring myself to read novels from other authors. In A Blue Moon is different from her previous works yet I still enjoy the book as much. It’s a light-hearted read, so entertaining and very very relatable. I love Summer in Seoul but realistically speaking, what is the chance of having a super famous singer fall in love with a common girl who accidentally showed up at his house in the middle of the night? On the other hand, In A Blue Moon looks at the romance between two people who come from similar social standings so their romance seems much more realistic and more probable in real life. Of course, like any other Ilana Tan’s novels, I can’t wait to find my very own Lucas Ford. Sometimes I wonder how Ilana Tan always come up with perfect male character whom you can’t help but fall in love with.

That’s all for this month. Be back next month! 😀


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