Another box ticked on my to-do list. I have finally had my first beer and of course I had it during the examination period when every student supposedly stay away from alcohol. HAHA, I am such a rebel sometimes.

Truthfully it was just too cold that night and thanks to my non-functional heater, my room was comparable to Arrendale. Mom suggested that I should drink some wine to keep warm but I know I am going to get dizzy after wine and I had none on hand so wine was off the list. I could have gotten Rekorderlig but I was feeling a wee bit adventurous, so beer it was. I actually spent half an hour googling what type of beer is suitable for beginners but the more I read, the more confused I got, so I sticked to the most pragmatic solution: purchasing the cheaper one. #brokestudentproblem

In the end I bought Bitburger, whose label claims that it is German’s best premium draft beer. None of what was written on the label made sense to me, HAHA, the packaging was just so fancy so I couldn’t resist myself from buying it. I have always been a victim of buying food products because of their attractive packaging.

Of course Murphy’s Law caught up to me. I was planning to buy the beer in total secrecy and I thought I wouldn’t be meeting anyone at Countdown because it was late at night and I have barely ever met anyone I know there. Then moment I was walking towards the beer aisle, I spotted the other SOFAD secretary and she had to look at my shopping basket. But it doesn’t matter right? I wasn’t harming anyone by purchasing and drinking beer during the examination period 😀


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