Say hello to my new distraction …. PODCAST!

I can’t believe how ignorant I have been, HAHA, considering that I have been using Iphone for the past 5 years with a podcast icon on my screen all the time. Oh my.

Now, I am addicted. Good hang is really addictive and I have listened to dramabeans podcast too. This is a perfect example of bad timing at its finest since I still have report waiting to be completed and 301 on Thursday. Of course, I have not packed, HAHA.

On a serious note, podcast may be the most appropriate avenue for me to unleash my tendency to talk about everything and anything as well as jump from one topic to another. Probably it will be really fun to do a podcast but truthfully, who will listen to me talking for 45 minutes? Plus, it’s not as interesting to do it on my own. Only if I have a partner with me now then maybe I will venture into this brand new area which I have never truly explored before.

Which reminds me that I was actually on air for a couple of times! Once for promotional purposes then twice to actually host a legit radio show with my English teacher. Oh dear, that was nerve-wrecking and fun at the same time. Now that I reminisce about the experience, I truly miss it. I have spent too much time dealing with academic related activities, it’s exhilarating to venture into a more creative scene. I have always felt that there’s a creative side of me hidden underneath all my academic side, waiting for an opportunity to ‘show up’.

For the time being, recording a podcast will not happen in the near future but I will happily put it inside my bucket list. Who knows, future is really unpredictable =)


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