Adios chemmat

I put down my pen in frustration when the chief examiner told us that the time was up. Five more minutes and I would have completed the paper with steam coefficient fully calculated. But as Queen Elsa said, “Let it go, let it go.”

I am just so glad chemmat is finally over. I have had much difficulty this entire semester wrapping my head around 756. I was expecting it would have been easier given that I survived 211 but oh man, I was so wrong.

At the same time, yesterday marked another milestone in this “healing” process I am embarking on. Obviously, I didn’t receive any good luck wishes from you anymore. While I was disappointed when you missed my 211 examination last year (which happened to take place in the same room! What a coincidence!), I felt absolutely nothing yesterday. You didn’t even cross my mind in the past few days.

Indeed, I don’t need you in my life to feel whole. My life goes on fine even without you being part of it. And that realization was fully liberating.


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