Stan The Man..

On Twitter it reads:

“Since 2005, there have been two types of Man Single Roland Garros winner: Nadal or Swiss.”

Congratulations Wawrinka on winning your second Grand Slam title! I am not a fan of your weird checkered shorts though, HAHAHA.

That comment made my day, truly. Imagine what a great morning I had once I googled the outcome of Roland Garros and found that it was Wawrinka’s name in bold. Being the very loyal fan of Roger Federer, I was wishing that he would win his 18th Grand Slam title but it seems that age has slowed him down a ‘little’. So after that ‘heartbreaking’ defeat on Quarter-final by his fellow compatriot, my hope solely lies on Wawrinka. And given that this is Roland Garros after all (where Nadal always wins, almost), I didn’t get my hope up too much.

Yet, I have this weird habit to transfer my support from my biases (read: Roger Federer and Maria Sharapova) to whoever defeat them; which means that this year, I was hoping that Safarova and Wawrinka emerged as champion. Both got into final indeed and Wawrinka actually won the title! YAY! I will personally feel better knowing that my biases lost to eventual winners, it just makes the defeat easier to come to term. At least for me.

It was a pleasant surprise, really. Djokovic has been winning almost all tournaments since the beginning of the year and when he won that match against Nadal, the king of clay, almost everyone had guessed that he will finally manage to complete a career grand slam. Plus, he has won 17 matches against Wawrinka so pretty much all odds are in his favor. But Wawrinka’s performance last night was so fine and superb. And let’s talk about that winning backhand. Oh my. That was world class.

On top of it, Wawrinka’s victory gives me a bragging power over my sis, HAHAHA.

Dear sister,

“I am so glad Wawrinka won!


But considering she’s having her major examinations now, I shall be the sweet sister who will not upset her so that she will perform well.

Then again, well done Wawrinka! Two Swiss players in top 4, what more can I ask?


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