May Favorite..

This is the end product after watching too much monthly favorite videos on Youtube, HAHA. Perhaps, I will turn this into a monthly routine, but I shall make the final decision later. Yes, I am too shy to post a video, so a blog post it will be πŸ˜€

Let’s get rolling!


Fall out boys! Everyday all month-long! They are actually one of my favorite band and I started listening to them back in 2008 on the radio. Omg. That was seven years ago. I love almost all the songs in the album and I am pretty sure at least 50% of the lyrics have been committed to memory (only if that happens to my psych and foodsci exam materials).


One thing that I am extremely good at is creating distraction for myself. It started with Taiwanese and Korean drama back in 2011ish. Since July 2013 I have started watching Singapore drama after Isabel mentioned how awesome Dream Makers was (and I have to agree, it was good!). Then during mid-semester break this year, I introduced myself to Chinese drama, LOL, and that wasn’t intentional. I was watching Hyde & Jekyll and regardless of the illogical story line, I stayed for Hyun Bin. My classmates found out about it and they started to tease me that once mid-semester break arrived, I would have all the time to watch my Korean drama. The only problem was, Hyde & Jekyll ended the weekend the break started, what a timing really. There was nothing interesting to watch around that period of time really. So, one night I was busy googling about the actors I like, LOL, and I accidentally came across Lady and Liar. I actually managed to watch all 46 episodes without subtitle! And more surprisingly I understood what they were saying. Well done Amanda, at least 13 years of effort in learning Chinese doesn’t go to waste πŸ˜€

But then, my favorite drama in May has to be Murphy’s Law of Love.

I came across it on Dramacool and decided to give a try. Initially I couldn’t stand Jia Wei at all. He’s just cold, rude and constantly brooding. Yet, there’s something about it that I end up coming back for it every week. I have even watched it without subtitle now every Saturday morning because I am not patient enough to wait till Tuesday. However, I have decided that I will miss the next 5-7 episodes because……. mmm, that’ll be another blog post on its own.


I didn’t manage to download any new books the past month (except for textbooks) so I decided to re-read some of the books I have already owned on Ibook and in the process, I fall in love again with Lady of Desire. I Read the book for the first time last year and hands down this is my favorite out of all Knight series. Both Jacinda and Billy are both fascinating individuals and their love story exudes the innocence and the excitement of first love (at least for me) which makes their story stands out the most from all the Knight series ❀

That’s it for now. Let see whether there will be a follow-up post next month, haha πŸ˜€


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