\’füd\ science

Last week:

D: So you are a student in this university?

A: *nodding* Yes, I am.

D: What are you studying?

A: Food science.

D: *turned around, frowned, then pointed at his foot* Foot science?

A:*knowing what’s coming* No. Not podiatry. Food Science.

D: Food science? *wildly mimicking eating process*

A: Yes, foooooddd *purposely dragging the oooo as long as possible*

D: Ah! Why don’t you just say ‘cooking’?

A: *secretly glaring, camouflaged as a spontaneous surprise reflex* No, no. That will be culinary.

D: *blank, confused expression* So what are you studying in class? Something like nutrition?

A: No, nutrition is another pathway on its own. Food science studies the properties of food; both its rheological, physical, chemical and sensory as well aspects of food processing, food safety, product development…. *explanation continues*

D: Ah! How interesting. So you are studying the physiological relationship between food and human body?

A: *knowing he’s still lost* Yeah yeah, something along that line *that would be more towards nutrition though, but oh well*

D: Let’s try again, food –> \’füd\

A: Food (\’füd\)

D: *still unhappy about it* foooooooddd…

A: *burst into a laughter, ending the conversation*

Seriously, I maybe graduating with the most misunderstood major ever….


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