Wellington bound.

In unexpected turn of events, I am officially heading to Wellington next Wednesday, for a total of 13 hours. Although I can’t deny that there’s a tinge of excitement (cause Amanda finally gets to travel beyond Auckland and Waiheke), at large I am terribly annoyed.

This trip is unnecessary if someone actually answers the e-mails!

I was trying to ease my annoyance by jokingly telling Mom that this is probably how someone feels when he or she is suddenly appointed to take a day trip for business purposes. Flying off even before the sun rises and only coming back after the sun sets. Probably this is why Kuku wasn’t that excited about having to fly to three different cities, consecutively for three days.

Looking at the silver lining, I will actually get to experience both sunrise and sunset in Wellington and that might be interesting. Plus, I will get to visit Iko Iko at Cuba street and walk along the water front area, despite Metservice’s forecast of heavy rain with northwesterlies for the entire day. Wellington is the capital of rain anyway, what can I expect?

Sheryl told me to go up to Mount Victoria, which was actually the first thing I thought of too! But given the time constraint, the 95% chance of heavy rain and the fact that I will be wearing my knee-high boots (which is absolutely unsuitable for trekking) I have to take that off my extremely short “to-do list”. She suggested taking the bus up to Mt Victoria peak (which is very tempting) but if it’s raining really heavily, I won’t be able to enjoy the view either. On top of that, Iphone is unfortunately not waterproof and I am pretty sure my Iphone 6 doesn’t like to take any shower either.

When my group mates know that I am heading to Wellington alone, they started laughing. “What a shame Amanda, you can’t even take nice picture if you visit the botanic garden because you can only take selfies.” I know people, I know. My face will probably cover 90% of the photo (my short chubby arms aren’t suitable as selfie stick, LOL) But they are kind enough to send me the names of cafes worth visiting….

…Which reminds me I need to plan my trip, especially on how to get from airport to Kelburn then to Cuba street before heading back to the airport. Uughhh. SO MUCH HASSLE because of one person!!!! With exams coming and the impending project deadline, planning a sudden trip like this is neither enjoyable nor entertaining.

And don’t get me started on how many phone calls I had to make earlier and how much effort it was to convince Jet Star operator that I wasn’t joking about my name.

Thank God it’s Thursday which means it’s Yoga day or else I would have burst like a nuclear bomb given how the past two events in the last 24 hours were putting my patience into its ultimate test.


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