Finally, it’s over

The sun peeked through the thick grey clouds as I made my way to arts building. At least it didn’t rain and it was a tad warmer compared to the previous two days. But soon enough the storm came rolling in and it poured, the wind gushing. The day turned extremely gloomy as the three of us were rehearsing our speech at the corner of the business school. Tension built up as the time passed, bringing us closer to the ‘judgement’ time.

10 minutes and 15 seconds. Then the world was bright again. The sun was shining, birds chirping, autumn breeze gently blowing through our hair, the sky was so clear and blue. Everything seemed to fall in place nicely. We were all smiling again. We were hugging. We were laughing whole-heartedly. We no longer felt sick. It was over. We were finally done with it. Chloe even posted a photo on her instagram with the caption “everything seems so pretty after presentation.” I agree, especially when it went so smoothly.

I am glad that this is over but that short 3 minutes and 30 seconds reminds of something very important and dear to my heart. Something, which unfortunately slipped through my mind in the midst of hectic University life. Yet today, I re-discover the intense enjoyment and satisfaction that public speaking can bring about.

While others are born to sing, to dance, to create, to discover, I am born to speak.

I got nervous like everyone else. But the moment I stood in front of everyone and took that deep breath, I knew that’s exactly where I belong.

I couldn’t be more thankful that 303 provides the students the opportunity to present. That was a powerful reminder of how much I miss debating and orating. It reminded me who I really am, what I really love and what I am truly passionate about. I no longer feel inferior cause public speaking is also a skill.

During our second last lengthy conversation, I told him about feeling inferior and insecure about myself. Adel is a fantastic singer and dancer that she is selected to perform in a musical. He sings well and even manage to be a back up singer for Asian Got Talent. Mimi is so talented in illustration. Phil and Wes are amazing in creating empathetic stories. Everyone just seems to be extremely talented at certain field that I feel so inferior , so small in comparison. Then he told me that I am special; that he fell for me because I am passionate about what I love, I am real in expressing my ideas, thoughts and feelings. He didn’t say what I am passionate for and it didn’t occur to me what it is. Not until that 210 seconds I had earlier today.

Gosh! I really miss debating now.


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