Why do I even..

Truthfully, I don’t even know why I created this blog in the first place. First of all, I am terrible at writing. Secondly, even my GP teacher once told me that my written pieces are so ‘heartless’; they are loaded with information but they are so emotionless. Indeed, I humbly acknowledge that. Thirdly, even I think my posts are essentially my daily rants about the same old stories; school workload and my undulating emotions (who would want to read it, really)

Yet, I still created this blog and I have tried to update it as often as I can. I am not good at this but I believe I will get gradually better as time passes. It’s just how most things work in life, isn’t it?

It all started by discovering Phil’s wordpress. I wasn’t much of a blog reader in the past. I tried keeping up with Chriselle’s and Wendy’s but the interest faded as days went by. Don’t get me wrong, their photos look amazing and they are always on point yet I can’t ‘connect’ with their posts. All the lavish designer clothes, shoes and accessories became so overwhelming that most of the time, I felt so crappy about my own life (although I know I have tonnes to be grateful of).

Phil’s posts on the other hand are very ’empathetic’ and they always offer great insights about life and brand new perspectives on even the most mundane things in life. I truly love his blog. Enough said.

I am not trying to be Phil and I know full well, I won’t be able to anyway. Writing is not my forte but I am willing to give this a try. I need to voice out what’s on my mind cause my brain is only ‘this big’ and with constant influx of information daily, I need a corner to pour out some of my thoughts. Plus, it is always fun to come back and re-read my older posts (with hopefully a more mature mind), reminiscing my ‘childish’ days.


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