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Booked my flight, now I am broke..

25th June is officially going to be the most exciting day ever! By 12.15 PM I would have completed my 301 exam and by 12.00 AM I would have departed for Singapore. Yes people, I am back! 😀

Obviously this trip isn’t planned. I was originally supposed to be in Palmerston North attending NZIFST conference but then I think a small getaway is a welcome change. I am okay now but gloomy skies and rainy days throughout winter coupled with me having nothing to do may lead to some unwanted outcomes.  While I am having mixed feelings about Changi Airport, I am treating this trip as a an official closure to everything. It is only right that what once started at Changi ends there too.

So I booked my ticket! While I am happy, my wallet isn’t. My jaw dropped to the floor when I saw the cheapest flight starts from NZD$2200. That is twice of what I normally pay for, holy moly guacamolee.. My tour agent told me that the cheapest ticket for either Air New Zealand or Singapore Airlines hovers around $2750. Oh Etihad, where are you when I need you most? 😦

Yet, I am feeling very accomplished. I managed to book a direct Air New Zealand flight for only $2188, including an upgrade from the very back of the plane to the first economy cabin. I have learnt my lesson that when you are seated at the back of the plane, you don’t get much to choose for the in-flight service and it is not pleasant. So I decided to channel all my Ambassador earnings towards the upgrade. Might as well make myself slightly more comfortable during the eleven hours journey.

Well now and then I still caught myself reaching for my phone and launching Line application immediately. It has become a habit all these years to share almost everything, from victories to defeats, successes to failures. But I managed to stop myself each time. I am just currently in brand new habituation phase and like any other things in life, it takes time.

I told Feliana that I am coming home and she is so excited that she is suggesting a weekend getaway immediately. “We can go to Thailand or Hong Kong Say!” I asked Mom about it, she agreed on letting us go to Thailand, so I told Fel about it. And oh my, she’s really serious about it. Haha.. Thank you Say for taking the time to plan the trip ❤ We can finally have our long overdue trip together!


Well, I guess.. See you soon, Bangkok? 😀


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