Inner Thoughts

Sweater Weather..

It’s cold. Incredibly cold. In fact, extremely cold for typical autumn night in City of Sails.. It’s so cold that I started questioning whether it is a good decision to travel down to South Island during winter break..

And obviously, I fervently miss my Carlaw room now. Not because my current room is sub par compared to it (I absolutely in love with my current studio <3) but the heater in Carlaw worked better at fighting the cold..

I am dead frozen now and the piercing cold has successfully kept me awake, shivering under my blanket even when I have put on socks and leg warmers. At this rate, I may end up wearing scarfs and gloves too >.<

Swimming plan is definitely cancelled. Weather forecast is still looking rather bleak and the probability of hail is more than enough to keep me grounded inside my room finishing my never-ending stream of assignments. Well, except for that compulsory workshop at 1. I am sincerely hoping that it doesn’t rain. Lack of sun + strong winds + rain –> the worst combination you can ever get (at least in Auckland. Thank God for the lack of snow)

On the other hand, I am praying really hard that the sun will show up on Thursday because my Ambassador work starts at 6.45 AM. That means I will be in campus even before the sun rises (How fun! HA HA HA) Forecast wise, it’s still looking rather promising so let’s hope it stays that way..

*Crossing as many fingers as possible, toes included!*


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