Inner Thoughts

Oh Dear 303..

I know that I should have been sleeping by now if I don’t want to die of liver and kidney failures. Yet,  I have been rolling on my bed for the past two hours, wide awake..

It has been awhile since the last time I had insomnia due to school work. In fact, 303 is the very first subject to trigger such a reaction from my body. I used to sleep very soundly even when I didn’t finish studying for Physics 160 EXAM! How crazy is this that 303 lab report stressed me out so much that I ended up wide awake at 2.25 AM. Urrggh!

Oh Lord, why did I even take 303?? >.<

Oh yes I remember now! Because sensory science sounds really interesting and it is one of the courses which will render much help in the pursuit of my future career. And of course, it is the requisite of the ever famous product development paper. But OMG! How much more confusing can the report be? >.<


Fechner Law, you are going down tomorrow!


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