Inner Thoughts

A walking zombie..

After all the madness happening throughout the whole week, there is nothing more satisfying than lying on my comfortable bed, peacefully drifting away to La La Land. Even my mediocre pillow I recently bought at Warehouse feels like an authentic duck feather filled pillow.

Lack of sleep has definitely affected my brain function and cognitive ability. I was beyond exhausted this morning that I couldn’t even remember that integral of (1) dT equals to T and r/dr is equivalent to 1/(1/r) dr [sorry Mr Kuang!]. And when the receptionist asked me which floor I am staying, all I wanted to say was “fourth floor” but instead I said “f(L)-our”.

Not to mention my oh-so-fabulous eye bags. With only four hours of sleep last night, I didn’t even bother applying my concealer this morning. I even thought I look rather decent and it wasn’t until I went to change into my ‘smurf’ uniform (hehe, that’s for another post) that I realized I looked like a zombie. Or a panda. Or maybe a zombiefied panda.

But whatever, weekend is finally here and I can’t be more grateful..

…despite knowing that I still have a tonnes of things to do over the next two days…


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